Re-Innovating The Future Together

Our Vision

To prepare humanity for a world of perpetual innovation.

Making innovation accessible to all.

Our Mission

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Our Team

Designed and powered by ARCHE Innovation, Re-Innovate is a learning initiative created by a team who has a deep passion for innovation and is dedicated to guiding organizations and their employees in the development of essential knowledge and skills to initiate their innovation project through experiential learning.

Our team has extensive experience working with a variety of organizations – businesses, cities, government bodies, NGOs- and has a deep understanding of the challenges of the modern workplace, as well as years of experience facilitating training sessions and guiding organizations through their transformational projects.

Building an ecosystem of collaborators, we also work with experienced educators, researchers, technologists, and professionals to co-design and deliver our experiences.

Our Process

Making a plan for the future can often feel like building a bridge into the unknown. The key is to start by building solid foundations to sustain your path towards the future. Re-Innovate proposes experiences based on our 3 layers of transformation:

  • Understand the fundamentals: knowledge is the foundation of successful transformation. Learn about emerging technologies in your sector, visualize the impact on your organization over the next 10-15 years, and understand how an innovation culture can help you prepare.
  • Discover the world of innovation: innovation can be a part of your daily life, the benefits are enormous. Start imagining your innovation program, build new methods for collaboration using open-innovation strategies and building a structured ecosystem.
  • Experience Transformation: Shape your organization’s future by implementing your innovation culture or program. Launch your initiative, build objectives and metric maps for each project, involve your team and make a big move towards securing your organization’s place in the era of perpetual innovation.

Investing in those foundation blocks is what will enable you and your team to acquire the necessary skills and transition towards innovative, connected and autonomous organizations, ready to shape the future.

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