Fear of the unknown is regularly cited as the #1 factor contributing to resistance to change in an organization.
Organizations are constantly working to adapt themselves, but too often, despite their best intentions, organizational change is often met with internal resistance, shortsightedness, and as such, initiatives to modernize are often abandoned.

Re-Innovate aims to provide your team with the knowledge and confidence to understand how innovation practices can help them in their work, how organizations will need to transform in the coming years, and how employees can adapt to ensure that they can continue to contribute in this new reality.

Our suite of Re-Innovate programs are designed to give your team the tools and knowledge to become champions of change. Your bridge to the future starts with Re-Innovate.

Our Promise

  • Every Re-Innovate program and experience is personalized to each client. We take the time to understand your organization, sector and ecosystem to provide personalized content that applies to your organization’s reality.
  • Our programs are delivered by professionals and entrepreneurs with years of experience in coaching, entrepreneurship, and education.
  • We will provide the knowledge you need to plan innovation projects for your organization.
  • You will have the fundamentals to start shaping your future.

Your Results

  • Concrete insight into the future of your sector and how it will change how your organization operates.
  • Generate real understanding of emerging technologies, their impact on your organization and sector, the opportunities they present, the risks that exist and what is required to implement them into your organization.
  • Discover strategies for managing remote or decentralized organizations. Building a remote culture, best practices to support collaboration among your employees, stakeholders and ecosystem.
  • Learn how to plan innovation projects, work with external innovators and structure the full cycle of implementation – from idea to implementation.
  • Provide your team with the knowledge to become champions of change.

Our Programs

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Your organization is doing a lot of thinking about the future, exploring different technologies, looking for new ways to innovate and engage with your community. Before you get started, get familiar with the concepts you’ll need to get started.

Re-Innovate conferences are your introduction to the world of innovation and emerging technology. We offer a broad range of concepts, but we always ensure that the content is adapted to your organization and sector. Get to know the future with Re-Innovate Conferences.

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Collaboration, creativity, empathy and flexibility are becoming crucial skills for teams to develop in order to excel in the future of work. We believe the best way to develop skills is by putting them into practice and engaging people to find new solutions.

Re-Innovate Workshops contextualize learning by adding an experiential component where teams can put their new knowledge into action and begin generating ideas. Based on experiential learning and socioconstructivism techniques, our workshops will bring your team out of its usual frame of reference and help develop the fundamental skills and knowledge required for your organization to excel in the future.

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Whether you’re looking to structure your innovation process, plan a smart city or building, or develop a remote work strategy – Launchpad will help your project get off the ground.

Launchpad is a 4-week program designed for organizations to start planning their transformational process and prepare their team for the era or perpetual innovation.

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Hackathons, innovation challenges, design sprints, these are a few examples of the open-innovation experiences being used by organizations of all sizes to engage their ecosystem, generate innovative new ideas, solve societal challenges and support innovation projects.

Open-innovation experiences are fun, interactive and educational activities that allow you to engage your ecosystem and prototype solutions collaboratively. If you are looking to develop an innovative experience to drive innovation, encourage collaboration and prompt discussion, we can help you develop the best formula with Re-Innovate Open-Innovation Experiences.

Re-Innovate is a learning initiative created to help you develop the fundamental skills and knowledge required to start shaping your future.

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