Whether you’re looking to structure your innovation process, plan a smart city or building, or develop a remote work strategy – Launchpad will help your project get off the ground. Launchpad is a 4-week program designed for organizations to start planning their transformational process and prepare their team for the era or perpetual innovation.

Launchpad helps organizations visualize, design, plan and prepare to launch an innovative program or project. We start by working with your team to better understand the DNA of your organization, your objectives, and available resources to create a personalized Launchpad program adapted to your reality.

With Launchpad, your organization will participate in a 4-week experience where your team will engage in an experience that includes:

  • Creating a project vision with clear objectives.
  • Establishing a project plan with measurable goals and milestones.
  • Mapping your internal and external ecosystem and learning to set-up structured collaborations.
  • Workshops to prototype ideas, strengthen collaboration skills, and reinforce an agile mentality.
  • Understand the technologies involved in the project and what is required to integrate them into the project.
  • How to build a project budget and identify potential funding sources.
We know how important it is for projects to take off in the right direction with a plan based on clear objectives.

Our team is experienced in developing programs for organizations of all sizes, driving projects through the full cycle of innovation from idea to implementation.

A few examples of projects we can launch together

Innovation programs

Live an innovation experience with your team and start shaping your organizational innovation culture.

Smart environment project

Smart cities, smart infrastructures, smart living – the future will be a connected environment.

Experience a process to help you conceptualize, plan and prepare to deliver your smart environment project.

Startup culture programs

Experience the energy and capacity of developing an innovation or startup culture within your organization.

Decentralize and remote work culture

Create tools that support collaboration, automate processes to be managed remotely, implement collaboration technologies, build a remote work culture.

Build an open-innovation ecosystem

Innovation is a team sport, it requires multidisciplinary skills, infrastructures, funding and time. Structuring an innovation ecosystem is the best way to reduce costs, validate ideas and collaborate with the innovation community. Experience the power of open-innovation.

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something different?

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Re-Innovate is a learning initiative created to help you develop the fundamental skills and knowledge required to start shaping your future.

Ready for the next step? Looking for support to develop your strategy or implement your transformational project?

Discover Arche Innovation, a consulting firm specialized in the conception and implementation of transformative projects, helping organizations shape the future.

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