Open-innovation Experiences

Never innovate alone

Hackathons, innovation challenges, design sprints, these are a few examples of the open-innovation experiences being used by organizations of all sizes to engage their ecosystem, generate innovative new ideas, solve societal challenges and support innovation projects.

Open-innovation experiences are fun, interactive and educational activities that allow you to engage your ecosystem and prototype solutions collaboratively. If you are looking to develop an innovative experience to drive innovation, encourage collaboration and prompt discussion, we can help you develop the best formula with Re-Innovate Open-Innovation Experiences.

We will work with your team to design an experience that responds to your organization’s objectives, recruit participants from the innovation community, establish partnerships to provide access to experts or mentors, and above all else, that is inspiring and fun.

Why host an innovation experience?

  • To innovate with a community of engaged participants eager to solve problems.
  • Engage your ecosystem and involve them in your innovation process.
  • Crowd-source ideas from a community of thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Provide a new experience to your team, involve them in your innovation process and connect them with new potential collaborators.
  • Make innovation a part of your public image.
  • Live an accelerated innovation process.

What are the expected results?

  • Build stronger collaborations with your internal and external ecosystem.
  • Experience and live the open-innovation process.
  • Learn to collaborate with external collaborators.
  • Network with a group of innovators.
  • Potentially build partnerships for your innovations programs.
  • Become inspired by the power of open-innovation.

Let's build an open-innovation experience together.

Our Open-Innovation Experiences are structured activities and events designed to bring together different actors and stakeholders around a common theme or objective to drive conversations and bring ideas forward. We will co-develop the concept with your team and help you implement it. Let’s build the open-innovation experience that best suits your needs together.

Innovation Challenge

Create an innovation challenge for participants to collaborate and work together on the creation of new solutions and ideas in order to solve a specific challenge. There are many formulas to create an innovation challenge. Let’s design an innovation challenge that best suits your reality.


Design a hackathon to encourage participants to work in groups to generate creative thinking and come up with innovative new concepts, ideas, and prototypes. Depending on your objectives, your hackathons can be used for educational or social purposes, in many cases the goal of this experience is to create concrete solutions such as a software for example. There are many formulas to design a hackathon. Let’s design a hackathon to achieve your objectives.

Open-Innovation Event

Create an open-innovation event by gathering a variety of actors to facilitate collaboration and discussion around relevant subjects through an open-innovation approach. Let’s design an event together.

Innovation sprints

Design an innovation sprint for your employees and collaborators to work together on a ‘sprint’ to be creative, generate new ideas and solve problems in innovative ways. You can pick a specific challenge to work on or have a limitless innovation sprint ! There are many formulas that can be created. Let’s design an innovation sprint that best suits your reality.

Some experiences we delivered

co-lab event banner
Co-Lab Challenge
Co-Lab Challenge

In collaboration with CBC Quebec and the Department of Canadian Heritage, we organized the first edition of the Co-LAB innovation challenge in 2019. The Co-LAB challenge was created to generate solutions to meet the real needs of the English-speaking community of Quebec. Re-Innovate was responsible for assessing the needs of the English-speaking communities in Quebec by interviewing different actors in order to design the challenge. Prior to the interviews and research, we led a collaborative design session in order to develop the concept behind the challenge. Finally, our team organized and facilitated the Co-Lab two-day challenge and had amazing insights generated by participants.

hackerfest logo

In collaboration with Montreal’s annual International StartUp Festival, we have created and run the HackerFest that has been growing in popularity over the past 5 years. This design challenge brings together numerous community groups focused on innovation in the health sector, legal sector, hardware, and biotech sector to participate in a 24-hour innovation sprint to respond to a specific challenge proposed by their community group. Over the years, HackerFest has become an important grassroots initiative that builds stronger links among groups working within local and international ecosystems.

coopérathon desjardins lab logo
Cooperathon Desjardins Lab
Cooperathon Desjardins Lab

We worked with Desjardins in the development of the 2016 edition of the Coopérathon and we have organized a Fintech day for the executive staff. The Coopérathon is the most important open innovation challenge in the world. This 3-month open innovation challenge brings together students, experts, mentors, strategists, developers, designers, “socio-preneurs” and other partners to collaborate on projects that will provide meaningful and concrete solutions to social issues.

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