Collaboration, creativity, empathy and flexibility are becoming crucial skills for teams to develop in order to excel in the future. We believe the best way to develop new skills is by putting them into practice and engaging people to find new solutions. Re-Innovate Workshops offer an experience where participants have the opportunity to explore new approaches and methods to develop these skills collaboratively.

Based on experiential learning techniques we guide participants away from their usual frame of reference, helping them unblock ideas and solutions in innovative ways. We develop personalized workshops that adapt the content and format to respond to your organization’s objectives and reality.

Our Different Workshops

Create an interactive workshop experience

We will design, develop and animate interactive workshops in order to engage participants in an experiential learning activity that will allow them to practice new skills, generate innovative ideas, and learn to work collaboratively.

Add a workshop to your conference

Add an experiential learning workshop on top of a Re-Innovate conference as a way to reinforce the concepts presented and start turning lesson plans into action plans.

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Some workshops we delivered

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FORPIQ & the Canadian Space Agency
FORPIQ & the Canadian Space Agency

As part of the 2019 edition of FORPIQ (International Intellectual Property Forum – Quebec), we facilitated a design thinking workshop on the future of the space industry in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency. Based on a futuristic scenario that we created, several groups of business leaders, intellectual property experts, investors and government stakeholders were given the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas on best practices and policies to be put in place to guarantee the ownership of satellite data, privacy issues and governance of the space industry.

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In winter 2020, we organized a workshop for international incubator managers visiting Montreal as part of LOJIQ’s delegation. Following a historical overview of the incubator model and its impacts around the world, we then offered practical advice to help participants distinguish themselves as managers and leverage their respective ecosystems to create additional value.

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Since 2019 Re-Innovate has been working in collaboration with Infopresse, the leader in specialized training in Quebec for professionals. We have developed in-person and virtual collaboration activities in order to tackle challenges related to digital transformation and innovation culture within organizations.

Workshop with forpiq

Re-Innovate workshops stimulated the collaboration and the creative spirit of each participant by projecting themselves into the future in order to imagine the best solutions for tomorrow.

Martin Couillard, PhD - Advisor - Research, Valorization and Transfer Research and Transfer Department HEC Montréal
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